Simply Modern 28

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In your Simply Moderne n°28 Spring issue:

Exhibition: Sydney Quilt Show 2021

Exhibition: Quarantine Quilts: Creativity in the Midst of Chaos

Portrait: Molli Sparkles

Portrait: Birgitta Jadenfeld


10 new projects to celebrate the arrival of colours:

Œufs Perdus by  Birgitta Jadenfelt

Blue Birds by Birgitta Jadenfelt

Printemps by Birgitta Jadenfelt

Galaxy by Susan Marth, Suzn Quilts et Tamara Lynn

Rise and Shine by Jenifer Dick et Trisch Price, Everyday Stitches

Sew Farm Celtic by Robin Flockhart, Sew Farm Quilter

Love Letters by Wendy Sheppard et Darlene Szabo, Sew Graceful Quilting

Floating Rectangles & Cushion by Cosabeth Parriaud

Crystalline by Kristen Clay et Di Cluff, Sister Chicks Quilting

Poka Nots by Teresa Marler et Donna Titsworth

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